Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama is too cool :)

He drops in to a fast food place. Listen to when he pays for his meal and asks for his ticket. The worker says something and Obama replies with "Nah we straight" lmao!

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Nate Space said...

Oh man, i'm touched. just a little;

Like, i think its so fly when celebs just act(?) like normal ppl. Not only is this guy the coolest celeb in modern history right now, but i mean he's the fucking president-elect. //Oh my jeesus. is this real?// How cool is that? He's not posh and uppity at all. He's very down to earth i hear. And he's walking around my hometown like another brother-- i'm really happy right now.

I already lifted my daily bowl of cereal to some idiot on myspace this morning...Uzoy knows...;)

So i lift my Left Dunk SB to you, Pres Obama. wow. im touched.