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Saturday, September 27, 2008

New T-Mobile G1 Google Phone

So I have a busted ass sidekick 3. lol. I was on tmobiles website trying to see if there was any phones i would want to cop. so, i stumbled upon this right here...

Just what I was waiting for. I got off of AT&T when it was still Cingular to get myself a sidekick. Not to mention my service was bad. Then they came out with the iPhone and made me feel like an ass for leaving. Well, take this AT&T! lol This shall be my next phone. Kind of plain design but, I can roll with the features.

NEW YORK - A brief hands-on experience with the Google (GOOG) G1 phone gives the impression that after a slew of touchscreen duds from other telcos, Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone finally has a worthy rival.

The highly-anticipated HTC phone for T-Mobile (DT) was unveiled in New York Tuesday, and kiosks with technical experts were set up so media people could run the first Android-powered phone through some tricks. T-Mobile will start selling the phone Oct. 22 for $179 with a two-year contract.

The G1 has a large touchscreen, nearly the same size as the iPhone. But unlike the iPhone, there is a physical keyboard under the slide-open screen. People familiar with the iPhone will find the G1 a little lighter and thicker. The G1, for you ultra-thin fans, is about 3/4 of an inch thick, downright portly compared to the svelte half-inch iPhone.

Navigating the screen is fairly easy and there are several ways to move around. The touchscreen has a swipe capability that allows you to flick up and down or side to side. There is also a small trackball-type button at the bottom of the phone for scrolling.

The 3G network coverage at the show - only 16 cities currently have T-Mobile’s 3G networks - was fast. Google’s homepage loaded in five seconds and Google search results also popped up in five seconds. Sites like CNNMoney and Fortune took about 17 seconds to load. That is a fairly standard 3G speed.

Calls worked, and the sound was clear, for those considering the device as a phone primarily.

It is clear, however, that with Google’s support, Android and HTC have made a solid Internet device that combines web access with technology like GPS and software like Google Maps. Applications like Compass Mode, as Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt explains, gives you a 360-degree street view, a trick that has been limited to PCs until now.

The phone has so-called push e-mail through its Gmail service. As Fortune reported Monday, T-Mobile was considering a low-tier price plan that would give G1 users free e-mail without a data plan. T-Mobile technology chief Cole Brodman says the company looked at a few different pricing plans, but decided that the e-mail only data plan “doesn’t do the device justice.”

The G1 will have two monthly price options, $25 for data plan limited to 400 text messages or $35 for unlimited data. That’s compares with AT&T’s $30 and $45 data plans for the iPhone.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

OMGoodness. Let's get real...

this is supposed to educate? lol. but, they took it too far

Making Out Is Legal


Since some people misinterpret my lines, I'll explain them to you. You ready? From my song Tumbling Down, I said,

"I can Frank Luc ya with the ruger, wishing it came sooner"

Now, I was saying, I could handle you in that way, if that was how I was before I became the person I am now. Cuz at times, I feel like shooting mutha-effas! lol. straight up. lol. but, thats not who i am at this point. so i was saying, i wish that came sooner. as in that trait came sooner. if i was brought up that way, thats what it would be probably because of my temperment. The funny thing to me is, if thats not what you thought i meant, what did you think "wishing it came sooner" meant? lol. who knows. perhaps next time i'll dumb it down for those who need it! Like i said, these arent baby rhymes anymore. usually when people first start off, you speak on what you dont know and dont have. and you just think everything you do goes hard whether you do what you rap about or not. those times have come and gone. so people, stop tryna catch me in a lie! it wont happen! lol

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The League Crew...

I shall be featured on this bad boy...
Coming Soon

Flawless Fashion: Picnic

I guess I'm starting a new type of segment like my artist spotlight. This is basically for people who stay fresh on the regular. If you're that big on fashion like some people are, you should probably always step out clean. Now, my homie Picnic is always on point with his own style. I met him when I had my show in Dallas. Dude showed love so now it's my turn to return it. Check him out. He's a dope producer from Dallas and he's always out on the DFW scene. He always has something going on, so pay attention!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Robin Thicke - Magic

dope video!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!

2 Guys "Make Out" on CNN

DJ Hero..AWESOME!!!!

Ok, so my house must be bugged. I was just saying how they should have a hip hop hero or something of that nature. Like, their should be a rapper, dj table, and maybe a mpc type thing. so it can be three people playing just like rock band. just a thought. if they come out with that, i want some royalties or something! lol

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

this is how you beat the system!

this is old but i just found it. so, just watch the video. this kid is kind of messed up BUT, ingenious!

The lady said she hopes he dies soon?! Man come on!


looks like everybody want to be apart of a click. i notice it alot on myspace. whether it be music or fashion. which is cool i suppose but alot of the niggas will be flunkees and one person usually stands out and the flunkees are just happy to be seen with the other dude. lol. i guess i just choose to have my friends like everyone else does, but no click sort of situation no more. i feel stronger standing alone that alot of these niggas tryna group up and stand for nothin.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Kanye Album

Rumor is that Kanye is set to release his new album on Dec. 16 called "808's & Heartbreak". It's also being said that he will be heavy on auto tune for this. Personally, I'm not going to feel that. I HOPE that this is just a rumor. Cuz i'm a real kanye fan but, the tpain voice thing is done and dead. i dont wanna hear it if it isnt on tpain's voice. but anyways, we'll see...

Bravo New York, but not I!

So, this was a bulletin I put on my myspace but I felt like it was blog worthy....

"i'm sorry yall but sh*t is ALWAYS happening to new york.
ya'll got monsters attacking the city, crazy crime,
yall need Spiderman and sh*t
every movie that comes out
pretty much uses nyc as the center of attack
nothing! i'm honestly scared to go to NewYork. lol jk
i guess i'm just trippin off the Sept.11 stuff,
i was just thinking about it
when people think about our country, they think of DC, and NYC
so, i dont know about that new york
i love you, but hell to the nah!"

Obama Moment

This post right here is of no substance. I just think Obama looks good in this pic. lol

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Frosted Flakes x Obama x Biden

haha! this seems a lil funny. i thought it was a joke with them trying to call them flaky or something but evidently, Kellogg's made this special box of Frosted Flakes for Barack Obama and Joe Biden on their recent trip to Battle Creek, Michigan

Kanye West Arrested

nigga was mad that they was takin pics....womp womp womp. the other dude thats not kanye is don c. thats a down ass friend. lol

Kanye Attack Caught on Tape

but, he got out. and left on a private jet! ballin biatch!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


haha! she aint forget bill!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i'm tired of listening to hiphop

just at the moment i'm tired. dont get it twisted, i got a passion for it. BUT, i guess too much of one thing gets on my nerves after awhile. so, while i'm in one of these moods, i have to take a break from all the rap and r&b. i like all sorts of different stuff. i guess i look at it like being a musical diet. lol. i have to have a balance of different types of music to stay stable. in my eyes, good music is good music, regardless of the genre. so i thought i would share with you what i listen to at these kind of times...oh, some of these are artist from myspace. so look them up! lol

A Bird A Sparrow - "Ten and Two"
LMFAO - "La La La"
The Title - "Plectronics"
MetroStation - "Kelsey"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Maps"
MetroStation - "Shake It"
Kid A - "Fly Me to the Moon"
M.I.A. - "Paper Planes"
Daft Punk - "Around the World"
Hall and Oats - "I Can't Go for That"
Silver Medallion - "Slave"
Guns N Roses - "Sweet Child O' Mind"
The Police - "Message in a Bottle"

not that you care or anything. just felt like

Monday, September 8, 2008

this is long overdue -

i want to thank EVERYBODY who has showed love. I know I go on rants and ish like I'm some cocky chick, but i'm really humbled by the love yall show because I now I'm really blessed right now. And I remember the times when people were not showing any love. I guess the rants are inspired by the people who've dogged me most of my life. This blog is inpired from an old friend. I got a comment on myspace from my homeboy Lance. We went to elementary together. We didnt talk since like, 4th grade. I find him now that I'm in college through myspace. Dude shows me mad love. That is appreciated. He wrote a blog about me on his myspace. It honestly touched me. Cause I know exactly what he's saying. People try to make it look like its a sign of weakness by showing people love. I mean, I'm the type of person that if your music or designs excite me, I'ma show you my excitement. You deserve that much if you're on your job. That dont make me a groupie. I'm just a fan of your music or your art. You dont have to be JayZ or Kanye or whoever for me to be a fan of yours. So I really do appreciate my boy Lance for featuring me on his site Check it out!

i dont understand

how come people can have their opinions about my music, but i cant have mine about others? dont say nothing negative about my ish unless yours is outstanding. real talk. i mean, everybody has their opinion. why would mine hurt your feelings that much? if i'm the only one thinking it sucks or whatever, then forget what i think. its my perogative. not everybody likes jayz or any of these niggas who are highly respected. so if you dont want my true opinion, dont ask! cuz, i'm going to be straight up wit ya. not saying i'm the best ever or nothing, but i'm pretty confident in my material as far as public response goes. all i can do is give advice and voice my opinion to people. i'll just keep my comments to myself tho as long as i dont hear through others or from anyone that someone is talking about my ish. ugh! niggas be trippin yo

Sunday, September 7, 2008

its like this...

i'm all for my people. my fam and my friends. BUT the second I feel taken advantage of, the guard is up! i'm no fool people. niggas sitting on the fence or talking shit behind my back or whatever! then niggas try to come to you like everything is on some cool type shit. hell nah! f*ck that. i'll be cool wit a nigga, BUT i'm not a dummy. you show me your true colors once and thats all i need to see. so, if you not with me now, f*ck you! dont act like you are either just enough to stick around because even though i might not call you out on it. i know! and WHEN i blow. you will be in the back claiming how i'm fraud for not bringing you up. when niggas is the fraud ones sticking around just in case i blow. dont do it! my dad tells me this and the only one you can trust in this world is God. seriously. and i believe that to be 100% true. i'm willing to put anybody down with me but you gotta put your own work in. never wait for the next person to put you on niggas. put ya selves on!

its so cooold in the D!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

summer is gone

i'm suprised that i've been getting such great feedback on the snip on myspace
i honestly was very iffy on what people would think about it
but i'm just experimenting, still trying to find who i am as an artist totally
i kinda got the gist of things but i'ma get deeper in it
so thank you if you've showed me love on my page about it!

M.I.A. - Paper Planes

its funny that people rolled on this song WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY late! pineapple express really got people knowing it tho

New Kids on the Block featuring...............NeYo?

I was watching TRL this morning, (dont ask me why, i thought they would have canceled it by now. lol) but New Kids on the Block were on there. I remember these dudes when I was like, 5. lol. NeYo wrote them a damn song! lol. Check it! Man, I need that publishing money...

Drake feat. Lil Wayne - Ransome

I think...Lil Wayne got ate on this by Drake. Drake is a beast! Singing or rapping! lol

i just really realized

i'm f*ckin dope!
i was listening to my "arsenal" of music...and this ish is crazy!
like, of course yall are like, "what the f*ck eva" BUT!!!!
this ish is LIVE!