Saturday, November 22, 2008

the term "swag"

"swag" has been taken and misconstrued! i'm tired of everyone saying they have such a nice swag and such. it needs to be retired chillin next to "bling" and "jiggy" lol . half these niggas talkin bout swag have none. and it keeps being the name of songs and such. its lost its usefulness. stop saying swag so much when its not needed! its frickin annoying! ugh!

so i listened to 808's and Heartbreak...

um, Kanye, I've been juked. It kinda wasnt jamming at all. I'm disappointed. But in my opinion. This isnt a real album from Kanye. i think this is the result of the recent things that happened in his life. i think he should have made it a mixtape tho. but basically, best songs were "Heartless", "Coldest Winter", and "Love Lockdown". "See you in my nightmares" wasnt too bad either. and you already heard those. the others kinda make you wonder. they might grow on me but for the first listen, i'm not feelin it. but i'm just really anticipating his next album. i think things are going back to normal then. like, kanye has to come back as a beast! cuz watever he does, people tend to follow. i dont want people to follow this too much...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my thoughts on b.o.b.'s mixtape

um.....nice...really, i was shocked. he's really on some other stuff. i downloaded it and put it on my iPod so I was listening to it on the way to class and stuff. my fav song so far is "Wait your turn" he definitely killed that. i was feeling the production on most songs also. anyways, kudos to b.o.b.

B.o.B. - Who The F#*k Is B.o.B.

01 - B.o.B Intro
02 - Im Dat Nigga (Feat. T.I.)
03 - Generation Lost
04 - There It Is
05 - Double Bubble
06 - B.o.B checking In
07 - I’ll Be In The Sky
08 - Service With A Smile
09 - Wait Your Turn
10 - POP
11 - Eastside Skit (Feat. Playboy Tre)
12 - Eastside Tales
13 - Atlanta Ga.
14 - B.o.B Checkin In
15 - Fuck You (Feat. Lil’ Boosie)
16 - Lonely People
17 - Use Ur Love
18 - Nigger
19 - Back Stabbers
20 - Starship Stobelite
21 - B.o.B outro
22 - On Top Of The World (Feat. T.I. & Ludacris)
23 - All I Know
24 - Little Rascle (Feat. Willie Joe)

Monday, November 17, 2008


Play Super Obama World!!! No seriously, its really a game.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


lmao. this is effin funny. i didnt think he was gunna be gettin it. ha! a hip president? thats weird!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

i'm not convinced!

bow wow sit yo lil ass down! lmao!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A little political jargon..

A few random political pics i wanted to post so here we go....

One hell of a counter attack huh? :D

I saw it. Did you?


Pat yourself on the back America!

lol. i just thought this was funny. America! We DEEED it!

New Flava '08!!!

this excites the hell out of me because these are houston artist. remember when i told yall about H.I.S.D.? well, my boi SAVVI from Hisd is in this and this was featured on worldstar. i mean, this just shows people that Houston has something else to offer. i'm telling you, Houston hip hop is coming and we're gunna kill all them wack stereotypes!

Devin the Dude @ the end? lol

Kanye and TPain - Go Hard Video

Kanye West - Heartless Video

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

charles hamilton is dope man!

if you dont think so, forget you! lol i like what i like. and i like him. aight?

THROWBACK VIDEO: "Jay-Z - Dead Presidents"

I just was jamming Reasonable Doubt you go


Its going to be Lupe's last cd BUT....ITS A TRIPLE CD


this is coming soon...

details later cause i dont have any right now...

the cons going in on kid cudi

they on the same label too
that nigga said the breakfast club! lol it is the same hat tho
its the cons fool. word!


seriously, i was laughing for 5 minutes

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Adam Sevani Halloween THRILLER Remix

one day too late. i kno i kno.
who knew zombies can get down?!