Friday, August 29, 2008

hurricane gustav

i think thats the name. i'm not even sure if its actually a hurricane yet. all i know is they're telling the students in the dorms to go home if they can. so i'm taking my ass back to houston today. which is cool so i can see my number 1. anyways, if u in da h, holla at me!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


yall no good and well this dude is speaking truth

me and my friends have this discussion and we all agree that the one person and label we would NEVER sign with is Diddy on Bad Boy. Hell to the no!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catch Me On StreetSweeper Radio Tonight!!!

DJ Radio and DJ Kayslay "StreetSweeper Radio" Live on Shade 45 Every Wednesday 8pm-12am

I'm supposed to be having one of my joints played on StreetSweeper Radio tonight. But I dont have Sirius so if you can, check it out for me! lol

Sunday, August 24, 2008


my show was pretty cool. went up wit my boi danni danger. i've said it before but, i am not really a club or party person. so right after i got off of stage, my head was pounding! i guess it was all that jumping around and tryna get the crowd hype. oh yeah! before i went on stage, the dude that introduced me had the crowd chanting my name. saying "uzoy, uzoy, uzoy!" lol. that made me feel kind of good. thats feel good moment number 2 so far with me in my career. anyways, i'm now back in beaumont and ready for class to start tomorrow.

later days

oh yeah, here's some clips of my dallas show...

Friday, August 22, 2008


tomorrow night in the htx!
it starts at 10pm i believe @ the jet lounge
be there!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

life feels so good...

so...its like, i'm going back to school either saturday or sunday. gotta drive back down to beaumont. but i'm feeling good cuz i finished up summer school with an A. i'm getting all my ish situated with my tape. getting good wit djs, artist, and promoters. so life is looking good right now. so the haters that are reading my blog right now, (and i know u do. lol) know that i'm doing good bitches!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This dude right here is supa dope. He's from Virginia and he's really holding it down with his RebelE click. His latest mixtape "What Up Tho!?" just came out recently mixed by Plain Pat. My fav track is "hey you". Gotta check this out yaself. You wont be disappointed. Oh yeah, he produces too! The dopeness...

Come on Yeezy! lol

Damn, someone hulled dis boy. Some pics arent meant to be taken.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

after the show is the after party

sike. after that show, my head was hurting hella bad. i was ready to bounce. i was up there hot as a b****! lol. but overall, it went coo. i mite put video up. MAYBE! lol. i gota review it first. i'm really trying to get better in my overall stage performance. people come up to me and say i ripped it BUT i'm so much of a perfectionist. if other people tell me i was good in something or at something and i dont believe it myself, i gotta make myself to believe. thats just me thanks to everyone who came out. peace

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

and i'm cocky?

some people think i'm cocky. lol

i dont think i am

i think i'm VERY confident tho. i mean, i work at what i do to perfect that. unlike alot of other people. when people give me criticism or even straight up hate on me, i ALWAYS consider what they are saying. and if its a valid point or reasoning. i might adapt to it. and i get about 92% positive feedback and about 8% negative. thats a pretty good ratio. plus! i got alot of people saying things to me that could be really gassin me up. but i take it all in stride and appreciate that and work to keep it up. no just say "i'm the shit, yall suck!" i feel validated bout the ENORMOUS amount of positive feedback and opportunities that have opened up for me due to that. BUT alot of other people are cocky with no reason. lol. people say they suck, people talk about they ish in the wrong way. or maybe they just arent good altogether. and they can be cocky as hell. i kno quite a few people like that. even people that were close friends at one point in time. so....yeah....

who wants to be a chamillionaire?

kanye west - champion video

lol. he competing for the olympics? come on! lol

trae snuffs mike jones. lmao

sorry but mike jones look like he would get hit. the nigga was bleedin! omgoodness. lmao

trae and mike jones call in to madd hatta mornin show

i've been singin! :)

if you dont know me, you probably dont know that i write r&b. in fact, thats how i started writing. rap came much later. back in the day, i wanted to be a singer. BUT, i realized after some time that i wasnt no singer. lol. i mean, dont get me wrong, i can hold a note in my...register i guess. but i sho aint no beyonce or nuthin. i can jus hold the note for song purposes. anyways. i've done 2 tracks wit me singin on em so far. no voicebox probably wont think its me. but it is. i'm proud of myself! :) oh yeah, i do continue to write r&b when i get the chance. i write for my boy rich when he lets me. lol. but he is a "do it yourselfer". but to be honest, i'm as nice on the r&b writin as i am on the rap side. so holla at me singers! let me get my ascap papers out....

now i see what they tryna do

i see when people ask me to feature...they want me to help them have a twilight zone, fast forward or keep in touch. i'm sorry, i cant come up with the concept and everything. if you hit me up, i know i've let you know that i dont do free features. but i dont charge excessively either. but thats because i know how it is when you want a feature from someone. but DONT come to me with NO beat, NO concept, No nuthin. I'm not gunna do ur job for you as an artist. if you want me to come up with the concept, find the beat and all that, it might as well be my song. so.......stop it! lol. i'm very willing to help with all the rest of that stuff BUT i will charge EXTRA. half these niggas dont be willing to pay anyways out of the bajillions of people that have asked me to do a feature people say "i'll get back to you" and ish. i'm like...."ri....." like my parents taught me, nuthin in this country is free. not even a feature from uzoy....stop being cheap and lazy people!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

listen up!

diamond and princess from crime mob gettin into it

dis is kind of funny. this is the thing about having groups. jealousy and envy comes with alot of it. i guess princess (the bright one) is jealous of diamond (the dark one) for getting a solo deal over her. ish like that is a lil petty. dont be mad, she needs to grind for herself.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

maino hits some dude

maino punk slaps some random dude. lol. this hit was kind of funny

dis is kinda funny....

i think

"beef" is overrated...

my work ethic

i think my drive to pursue my music is a lil tainted by my family and school. cuz my peoples ALL want me to do the school thing and finish up and be a pharmacist. not saying that i dont want that also, it just stiffens my music interest. but thank God my dad is fully supportive of the music tho. him and my bro really encourage it so its not like they are downing the music, they just make sure my head is on straight and i got to appreciate that. cuz this industry isnt promised. not everybody can be jayz unfortunately. but anybody thinking that i'm not recordin or working, you are horribly wrong! only thing slowing down the finish of the definition is some financial issues and trying to make the BEST possible project that i can. cuz truth of the matter is, this mixtape is going to be big as far as publicity for me and i already know that. so i have to present myself right off the bat as a dope ass artist. expect alot of online articles, features, and shows coming. all this is coming so quick seeing as how i havent even released anything yet. lol....well, i guess i'll go off to my boy spens's house now. collabo coming soon.....and oh yeah! dont bring no cameras in front of my face! i dont rap for free!

AUG. 15