Tuesday, August 12, 2008

and i'm cocky?

some people think i'm cocky. lol

i dont think i am

i think i'm VERY confident tho. i mean, i work at what i do to perfect that. unlike alot of other people. when people give me criticism or even straight up hate on me, i ALWAYS consider what they are saying. and if its a valid point or reasoning. i might adapt to it. and i get about 92% positive feedback and about 8% negative. thats a pretty good ratio. plus! i got alot of people saying things to me that could be really gassin me up. but i take it all in stride and appreciate that and work to keep it up. no just say "i'm the shit, yall suck!" i feel validated bout the ENORMOUS amount of positive feedback and opportunities that have opened up for me due to that. BUT alot of other people are cocky with no reason. lol. people say they suck, people talk about they ish in the wrong way. or maybe they just arent good altogether. and they can be cocky as hell. i kno quite a few people like that. even people that were close friends at one point in time. so....yeah....

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