Tuesday, August 12, 2008

now i see what they tryna do

i see when people ask me to feature...they want me to help them have a twilight zone, fast forward or keep in touch. i'm sorry, i cant come up with the concept and everything. if you hit me up, i know i've let you know that i dont do free features. but i dont charge excessively either. but thats because i know how it is when you want a feature from someone. but DONT come to me with NO beat, NO concept, No nuthin. I'm not gunna do ur job for you as an artist. if you want me to come up with the concept, find the beat and all that, it might as well be my song. so.......stop it! lol. i'm very willing to help with all the rest of that stuff BUT i will charge EXTRA. half these niggas dont be willing to pay anyways out of the bajillions of people that have asked me to do a feature people say "i'll get back to you" and ish. i'm like...."ri....." like my parents taught me, nuthin in this country is free. not even a feature from uzoy....stop being cheap and lazy people!

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