Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my work ethic

i think my drive to pursue my music is a lil tainted by my family and school. cuz my peoples ALL want me to do the school thing and finish up and be a pharmacist. not saying that i dont want that also, it just stiffens my music interest. but thank God my dad is fully supportive of the music tho. him and my bro really encourage it so its not like they are downing the music, they just make sure my head is on straight and i got to appreciate that. cuz this industry isnt promised. not everybody can be jayz unfortunately. but anybody thinking that i'm not recordin or working, you are horribly wrong! only thing slowing down the finish of the definition is some financial issues and trying to make the BEST possible project that i can. cuz truth of the matter is, this mixtape is going to be big as far as publicity for me and i already know that. so i have to present myself right off the bat as a dope ass artist. expect alot of online articles, features, and shows coming. all this is coming so quick seeing as how i havent even released anything yet. lol....well, i guess i'll go off to my boy spens's house now. collabo coming soon.....and oh yeah! dont bring no cameras in front of my face! i dont rap for free!

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