Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i've been singin! :)

if you dont know me, you probably dont know that i write r&b. in fact, thats how i started writing. rap came much later. back in the day, i wanted to be a singer. BUT, i realized after some time that i wasnt no singer. lol. i mean, dont get me wrong, i can hold a note in my...register i guess. but i sho aint no beyonce or nuthin. i can jus hold the note for song purposes. anyways. i've done 2 tracks wit me singin on em so far. no voicebox needed....you probably wont think its me. but it is. i'm proud of myself! :) oh yeah, i do continue to write r&b when i get the chance. i write for my boy rich when he lets me. lol. but he is a "do it yourselfer". but to be honest, i'm as nice on the r&b writin as i am on the rap side. so holla at me singers! let me get my ascap papers out....

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