Wednesday, July 30, 2008

George Bush Movie Trailer

what a shame. the wackest president ever is getting clowned hard in a feature length film. lol

young jeezy - put on rmx feat. jayz

check it out. what u think of hov's verse?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

rock band

i've been playing rock band lately. off and on for a couple of days for about a week now. my fav track off of it is "maps" by the yeah yeah yeahs. my homegirl Kristen is a beast on them vocals and can play the guitar at the same time. i can play the the guitar on hard and her bro Keith plays the drums on hard. for each song, you can play on easy, medium, hard, or expert. but even after that, some songs are more difficult than others on the same difficulty level. for maps, the guitar is easy pretty much on all difficulties. but the drums?!??!?! hell to the nah nah! i can BARELY play the drums on medium for the song. I pretty much got to play easy or we'll fail the song. lol. I found this dude on youtube playing it on expert! How? I have no clue. Check him out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

souljaboy strikes again...

lmao. he's trippin. i kno he cant be serious. i see what he was trying to say BUT, he will NEVA....EVA EVA EVA EVA! be hotter than Jay, Wayne, or Kanye! Man....he should kill himself! lol

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jim Jones Interview

Jim Jones proves why he sucks. lol. Dude says Kanye needs to keep his name out his mouth. He's trippin



Saturday, July 19, 2008


I am sooooooooo hype right now! Last night was really my first show. As in, my name being out and people somewhat knowing who I am and expecting something. I did pretty good. People were showing mad love afterwards, buying cds, giving me they're business cards, radio dj showing love. Tonight I'm hitting up the radio station and have my show at DoubleWide! I'm so anxious people. This ish is about to be mad hype. Me and Sincere are about to rip it. No lie! If you are in the DFW area, come show love. Its at Doublewide, search it on google and mapquest the directions! If you're planning on showing up, message me on my myspace, if you aint got a myspace, get with the times! lol

Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm chillin in DTown right now before the show at my boi Vigs house. I'm kind of nervous right now but its all good. I'm having cds on sale. Trying to get my grind on! Dude is out here taking care of ish. But yeah, i'm just posting random ish. Soo....thats it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

its getting old...

so, i have recently been seeing peoples opinions saying that i'm "jocking" my style or whatever. get out of here with that ish man. for real. i'm tryna do me. ya kno? i think its because people hear songs like "twilight zone" and think that all my songs sound like that. are you listening to any of my other tracks? is it just cause twilight zone is my biggest song as far as peoples response? none of my other ish sounds like that! twilight zone is more of my breakthru track. i love hip hop, but i'm real to myself. i know that doing tracks like "but i can see" all day wont get me far. especially not in houston. not only that, but my personality has me liking all sorts of different music. i like to do whatever on a track. i let it come naturally. i dont and WONT force it. so if you thinking i'm trying to sound like kanye or whatever, get the fuck outta here. real talk. i look up to kanye and his music just like i look up to lupe, biggie, jay, common, busta, lauren hill among many others. niggas must want me to get on some fake ass gangsta tip like most of the rappers i know now. it wont happen. that aint me! that would be fake! this right here, the music i make. this is me. take it or leave it. my imagery is probably half of my trouble. people see the purple, black, and blue and will be like "oh! she trying to be like so and so" nah nigga. i'm tryin to be me. the color white hurts my eyes. lol. no joke. the first real song i recorded in A LONG time, in almost a year, was "twilight zone". that song changed my whole approach to rapping. i knew i could make something catchy and still be lyrical. the song inspired my myspace page, the flyer, all that ish! and if youre thinkin the colors are here to emulate kanye or lupe, ur dumb. i'm a girl. i like colors! in fact, purple and black are my fav colors, and it used to be blue. so i'ma keep using those damn colors! you should see my bed spread! ha! nah, but for real, keep all that jockin talk out of here. if i was just putting songs up and not being a little flashy, people would say i sound like jean grae. it doesnt matter what i do. someone is going to compare me to somebody. but thats cool. i had to fight for people to listen to me, i had to fight to get respect, i'll just fight to make a name for myself...

Artist 4 Obama

My girl keke hooked me up with this design for my myspace. Just trying to show a lil love for Obama. Ya kno? So yeah. Big ups to keara aka miss graphically sick!

Bentley - Everbody ft. Kanye SaRa and Andre 3000

shoutouts are always cool...

Friday, July 11, 2008


As you may know, I jam a lot of artist from myspace since a lot of signed artist suck. lol. So, I'm starting a little section on my blog called artist spotlight with people that I jam. I'm starting out with my boy that really came thru for me on a track for the definition [coming soon].

My boy Love Jones aka Mike Murder is a beast. He doesnt slack with the lyrics. From track to track, I'm not going to lie, I was suprised. Look past the fact that he's white, dude is ill. But I guess thats the reason why I was trippin over it. His hooks were on point, subject matter, delivery, he's got what you need.


Click on the pic for a free download of his latest EP 100K Takeover

this is kind of some bullish

this is some dude from pasadena texas man that shot 2 black dudes robbing his neighbors house. he shot the dudes and he was found innocent!!! TRIPPIN! pasadena is right around the corner, like, 5 minutes away. that white man need to calm the F down!

this second video pisses me the hell off. they're chanting "U.S.A.". What does that mean? So those black dudes arent from the US? Thats that ignorant ass ish for real. I'm not saying robbing is right, BUT that white dude was upset over property that wasnt his. Robbery isnt punishable by death. He said they were coming at him. Nigga, you shoulda stayed in the house like the dispatcher told you to do. Them dudes would have probably got caught. Didnt take long for po po to show up after that. You shot them in cold blood with intent! I watch Law and Order! lol. Nah but for real, that is hella f'd up. Dude said he was going to do it, he was just trying to stop them, he felt like they should DIE for that. So he took it into his own hands. What yall think?


coming this summer. i dont think they're ever gunna stop.
and i dont know that the deal is but, i'm scary as hell when it comes to these movies
but for some reason, i still gotta watch em

A Millie Remix - Obama



Ice T once again...

This nigga is talkin about hiphop and what not. Its kinda funny. For real. Listen to it, its kinda long tho...


nas on jesse jackson

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nas - Hero

man, the first rapper i ever looked up to. nasty nas is back!


ok, to me, chris brown and jordin sparks look cuter than chris and rihanna. lol. why should you care? i dont know. i just been thinking this so i decided to post it.


so, i just found out i have 2 shows on the 18th added to the one show i already have on the 19th.
check it out DFW

Monday, July 7, 2008


that was a good movie. for real. and i loved will smith since elementary until he broke my heart by marrying jada. lol, but that man STILL looks good!

him and "ashley" from fresh prince. razb is randomly in the background

him at the premier with the fam. i aint neva seen that lil girl before. lol

Go APE!!!

come out and show love if you in the DFW area! i aint neva been on a flyer before like this! ha!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

my bday

today is the day of my birth and i havent been looking forward to it at all. nothing is going down. nothing ever goes down. (except one time) so....i'm not ever expecting nothing. and this fact is what makes me not give a damn about anybody elses bday honestly. i learned this with one specific individual that i went all out on their bdays and when mine came around, i got the short end of the stick. so nothing for bdays...happy bday to me.....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

neyo - a millie video

whats the point of it and who is he talking to? i have no idea

Tuesday, July 1, 2008