Thursday, July 24, 2008

rock band

i've been playing rock band lately. off and on for a couple of days for about a week now. my fav track off of it is "maps" by the yeah yeah yeahs. my homegirl Kristen is a beast on them vocals and can play the guitar at the same time. i can play the the guitar on hard and her bro Keith plays the drums on hard. for each song, you can play on easy, medium, hard, or expert. but even after that, some songs are more difficult than others on the same difficulty level. for maps, the guitar is easy pretty much on all difficulties. but the drums?!??!?! hell to the nah nah! i can BARELY play the drums on medium for the song. I pretty much got to play easy or we'll fail the song. lol. I found this dude on youtube playing it on expert! How? I have no clue. Check him out.

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