Monday, September 8, 2008

i dont understand

how come people can have their opinions about my music, but i cant have mine about others? dont say nothing negative about my ish unless yours is outstanding. real talk. i mean, everybody has their opinion. why would mine hurt your feelings that much? if i'm the only one thinking it sucks or whatever, then forget what i think. its my perogative. not everybody likes jayz or any of these niggas who are highly respected. so if you dont want my true opinion, dont ask! cuz, i'm going to be straight up wit ya. not saying i'm the best ever or nothing, but i'm pretty confident in my material as far as public response goes. all i can do is give advice and voice my opinion to people. i'll just keep my comments to myself tho as long as i dont hear through others or from anyone that someone is talking about my ish. ugh! niggas be trippin yo

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes people think artists should remain neutral concerning the matter having an opinion on artist's work at times- which is a mindset I think is faulty. Besides being an artist, they're a listener too...also, their opinion of another person's work should be moreso appreciated (at the least in cases where both artists are of the same musical genre), because it comes from the perspective of a fellow artist.