Sunday, September 7, 2008

its like this...

i'm all for my people. my fam and my friends. BUT the second I feel taken advantage of, the guard is up! i'm no fool people. niggas sitting on the fence or talking shit behind my back or whatever! then niggas try to come to you like everything is on some cool type shit. hell nah! f*ck that. i'll be cool wit a nigga, BUT i'm not a dummy. you show me your true colors once and thats all i need to see. so, if you not with me now, f*ck you! dont act like you are either just enough to stick around because even though i might not call you out on it. i know! and WHEN i blow. you will be in the back claiming how i'm fraud for not bringing you up. when niggas is the fraud ones sticking around just in case i blow. dont do it! my dad tells me this and the only one you can trust in this world is God. seriously. and i believe that to be 100% true. i'm willing to put anybody down with me but you gotta put your own work in. never wait for the next person to put you on niggas. put ya selves on!

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