Saturday, September 20, 2008


Since some people misinterpret my lines, I'll explain them to you. You ready? From my song Tumbling Down, I said,

"I can Frank Luc ya with the ruger, wishing it came sooner"

Now, I was saying, I could handle you in that way, if that was how I was before I became the person I am now. Cuz at times, I feel like shooting mutha-effas! lol. straight up. lol. but, thats not who i am at this point. so i was saying, i wish that came sooner. as in that trait came sooner. if i was brought up that way, thats what it would be probably because of my temperment. The funny thing to me is, if thats not what you thought i meant, what did you think "wishing it came sooner" meant? lol. who knows. perhaps next time i'll dumb it down for those who need it! Like i said, these arent baby rhymes anymore. usually when people first start off, you speak on what you dont know and dont have. and you just think everything you do goes hard whether you do what you rap about or not. those times have come and gone. so people, stop tryna catch me in a lie! it wont happen! lol

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