Sunday, January 25, 2009

i'm a tad bit difficult

i've been peeping myspace pages...there are people out there that can rap. i mean, i've heard quite a few people that got a pretty good flow BUT wiggidy wiggidy wack songs! and i love people saying that they love my lyrics and all that. But I think I like it more for people to say they love a song or it moved them. i take pride in my music as an art. i am an artist. that creates art through music. at some point in a rappers life, you have to realize that "you can rap". ok. you keep doing freestyles trying to prove that you can. whats next? if you cant get your thoughts and ur dope rhymes across in song format, you havent done your job as an artist. it kind of irks me when someone says they can rap and they're super ill but they admit that they cant write a hook. its ur job. i mean, at least if you're trying to be more than a freestyle rapper or something. so please, if ur tryna get to the next level, MAKE SONGS, not ONLY freestyles. but, this is only my opinion of course...


Nate Space said...

Ms. Uzoy, I agree 100% and respect your opinion on this. But i must beg to differ @ what you consider a shortfall for refusing to create hooks.

I personally love writing to music, and composing entire tracks, from the beat to lyrics, etc. But i do admit that i once felt strongly that hooks were for the average joe who needed to sell his shallow verses... I never even used to write hooks into my earliest songs, because i took so much pride in creating music that is different from what people are used to. (And *toot toot* i didnt suck too bad lol!) It never bothered me to consider making hooks until i realized what i could do to sell my messages even better.

Hooks are pretty much a big help to talentless losers in the industry.
(check me if i'm wrong, please!)

Unlike true lyricists like yourself and I, there are clowns who seriously cant back up anything they mumble about on the mic, unless the verses are followed by a gimmicky repetitive chanson.
We see it errrryday. no?

..And with such disgust for all things weak and meaningless i chose not to indulge in using hooks too often in my songs. Now for instance, i do actually produce hooks (w/ my choruses) because its easier on the listeners that just wanna vibe to the beat sometimes and hum to themselves at work or school on long days. thats where we come in, Ms. Uzoy. We're here to save the world from itself, and i totally see your frustration in the ways of others but i have to show you my approach too with all the proper respect given too k?

Now I make dope shit, and you make dope-errrrr shit. But consider the learning curve some of us are going through to find ourselves on the mic. You never do finish learning how to flow better on a track. (Do you?) There's just so many infinite ways to properly tackle a beat you know? its exciting. anyways, sleep time. Just had to put me two $.02 in. Gnite. wait...g'morning folks.


Uzoy said...

hooks are hard to come by though. if you notice, some people rely on them and have bad verses. but the artist you probably love and look up to have good hooks AND verses. (jayz, kanye, lupe, biggie, etc.)i'm saying you need both if you're trying to be an artist. they are both important. you can go to any a&r right now and try to pitch him songs with no hooks and he wont bite.

Uzoy said...

oh, and note, i'm using the word "hook" interchangably with "chorus"

Nate Space said...

Ah, touche, madame. but i think i see what you mean now.

Of course, i meant the industry is full of [hook]-dependent songs, and i can't help but sigh at the mediocrity this strategy inspires in my own peers who come to me like "hey, yo, space man, check out dis thing i made to yo beat:"

blah blah blah/

blah blah blah/



and im like "that's (it?)
greaaat." damn. im spineless to mediocrity lol. like seriously i dont think some folks could handle it if i truly told them what i think about their shit. but i'll learn. im slowly moving away from the habit of coddling noobs.

Uzoy you rock. You did see where i was coming from though, right?