Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ITS OFFICIAL: I want to work for Disney

I could have kicked it in High School Musical. Them kids got some bread from that ish and it seems like Disney just recycles their actors. If you act for one thing, they keep using you. Thats a job for life! I coulda had the spirit fingers in high school musical. i woulda been smiling and dancing with glee! lol. straight up! Disney, holla at me!


Space Academy said...

Hmmm, i dunno... Never liked Disney much after i saw Malcolm X he he. One of my supervisors at work is a disney fanatic. personally, it makes me sick! But bless, cuz the artwok is serious over there. I wanted to be an imagineer once....long ago.

And then i discovered girls. haha. keep it up Uzoy!

Dezmond said...

Real talk. lol

Wait a minute...didn't Britney Spears work for disney at one point? What happened there? lol