Friday, January 9, 2009

Lame ass niggas!!!!

This is not how you get at somebody on myspace. I get so many messages from people with regular myspace pages like this.

He sent me this message this morning.

"hey whats up ?? i dont know if you remember me hittin you up from my music page . but i wanted to see if we could possible work together in the future ..please keep in mind that i feel me and you have a lot in common in our music style...but the problem is my page dosent really reflect that yet .ya see i posted a few freestyles cause peeps was buggin me to hurry and post something. so i posted freestyles but when i freestyle i rhyme about drinkin,ass and cars...but when i write im more introspective and thought provoking .i just havent got a chance to get some of those professinally recorded and posted....anyway i hope you see some potential and will consider us working together on future mixtapes or whatever ....1"

This nigga comes at me like a groupie nigga. I cant help you dude. You cant record professionally but i should take you in like a hiphop halfway house? Get da f*ck outta here! If you're going to start off a message, "I dont know if you remember me", i probably dont. I have TOO many friends on myspace to remember each and every message. i'm not on some big headed shit right now either. I just dont remember you nigga. But uh, I'm on myspace now looking for a singer so any message that doesnt have to do with that is second priority right now. If i get a message about a singer, i will respond right then. messages like this, i will respond to later. But i'll get back at you. if i dont, i just missed ya. my bad. aint like i'm trying to forget anybody. But this needy ass nigga comes back strong in a message this afternoon

"bitch thats real funny how you cry over the fact no one messages your ass then when i message you with some real shit just read it and toss it to the side but you know what we gon see about that shit you dumbass hoe"

You know, I was wrong. Dude was right. His message was filled with so much "real shit". lol. I just couldnt see it though [sarcasm]. I'm not developing no artist over here. U needa come out tryna talk to people when you're nice already. This also allows for you to get crazy respect. Dont give me excuses why this and that. Find a way. I did. I cant even call dude a hater either. Cause he obviously likes my music. This is comedy to me. People, dont approach me like I can do something for you. I cant do more than a feature for you and i cant do it for free either unless we work something out! I just find it funny that niggas get their feelings hurt so easily. Ugh! Like Wale said, "Sensitive niggas neva know how to take shit"


E-Rich said...

That's bizarre. He freestyles about ass and cars, but is introspective when he writes. I don't know a lot of dudes like that. I don't see 50 Cent and Gucci Mane rapping about cars and bitches but then getting introspective when they freestyle. It doesn't work like that.

Nate Space said...

Tsk tsk, yo. Dont even sweat it Uzoy. Im sure that sort of mind game shit might work with his homeboys and shit where he's from, but think about this: You dont need to waste any time with him cuz he's a follower. //You didn't need me to tell you that... ha.//

But really ppl, this type of shit happens when you're onto something. People see an opportunity in your own fortune, and then the bandwagon forms.// This guy is (was?) a fan of Uzoy, and when she clearly checked his lame-ass approach--to a dead halt, his true colors came out.// And that my friends is uh,(how do you say...)'BITCH-ASS-NESS' lolz. So i lift my daily bowl of Fruit Loops to this clown.

Uzoy good stuff. Keep us posted! I'm laughing all the way to the studio on this one.