Thursday, October 2, 2008

You're Pretty Dope: Graphically Sick Keara

Um, so i know i said i was starting a new section called flawless fashion but....i take it back. not enough people i think will be able to qualify for that. so...instead of that, let me bring a more broad section out. it'll simply be titled YOU'RE PRETTY DOPE. and that will be for people (whatever you may be dope in) that i think excel in their craft. Funny thing is, it'll probably be people i associate with at first because....lets face it, i know some dope people. lol

Now to start off the bunch i got my home girl Akeara. I think this chick is one of the illest graphic art designers hands down! I think our styles mesh really well and thats why we click. You've probably seen her on myspace somewhere but if not, check out her designs and swag. And I know a "whole bunch" of people have hit me up on myspace trying to get me to talk to keara for you. I mean, talk to her yourself. lol. She's hella cool....but no free designs! Right keara? ha!

This is one of her most recent designs. Alot more where this came from...

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shearson said...

what the... wow. i love graphic design, and this by far is some of the coolest shit i've ever seen with mine own eyes. Today I lift my left nike dunk to you, GS KEara.