Monday, October 6, 2008

Tsk Tsk Tsk

i dont know how many times i must reiterate this...throwing shots at me is wack. its like, i guess what would be an old diss, i just discovered today. and i wont say any names cuz thats how lames gain fame but, niggas needa keep my name out they mouth. funny thing is, people aint worried bout other dudes but they worried about lil ol uzoy. just a female rapper ri? i mean, i wont EVER respond back to a wack shot thrown on a track. i just plan to look past them if a nigga cant say it to me. why should i waste my time on a shot back if it wont entertain me. the stupid disses i did in the past were purely for comedic purposes. trust me, NOBODY wants me to go in on them. dont get it confused cuz you hear fun rhymes on twilight zone and stuff. i try to keep it positive for the most part, but, NEVER get it twisted. i rather make niggas jealous with success. niggas always rappin back and forth talkin bout they the better rapper, but I'M THE BETTER ARTIST NIGGA! Everybody is a rapper and there are a lot of good rappers, BUT not everybody can make a song. Why you falling in that category? The audacity of these niggas that aint even in the same league as me!

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