Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm so jealous!

lol. this is so dope to be featured as this in my opinion. cuz these dudes are pretty much breakthru artist. mainstream doesnt know them yet but if you are online, on blogs, or just in touch with the music scene, you know all of these dudes cuz i do. i promised myself that by this time next year, i gotta have at least this kind of status...


louis said...

Peace this is Ldavizzoice reppin the District, HISD. Yo don't be jealous chica, your time is coming. TRUST ME.

N8// said...

I remember sitting down and reading this few months ago when it came out. (...ummm... where was i?...)

I was sitting in my boy Chubb's dorm room, and we were recording some of Jae Rich's vocs when i saw this sitting on the edge of the bed like..whoa....

"who are these guys?"

And at that point, i hadn't seen/heard you yet--//Chris & I were just beginning our adamant search to find fresh new hip hop//-- but i remember the feeling of relief, that things would get better. That the radio would someday be listenable again. that people everywhere could soon have something of substance to dance to again. That we weren't alone in the universe.

And you know what? I looked at Chris and showed him the article and he was like 'wow,' (cuz he & I make hiphop/electronica now, but he's never been so immersed in it before he met me) and i assured him we could make it there someday. If they could do it, then we'd damn sure be up there.

Just takes a little bit of patience. well, a lot of patience really but just enough of a lack thereof; so that you wanna keep pushing past what you're dealing with. y'know?

all too well. You made it to Arize Mag.. that's badass enough. I'll be lucky if someone famous even looks my way in this puny town lol. ahhh.