Saturday, October 25, 2008

i just wrote this song..

Omgoodness. i'm addicted to it. i've been listening to what i've recorded so far on repeat for 2 days now. so anytime i say i'm jammin my own music, you know that i'm serious! my boy rich is gunna be singin on the hook. i wrote the hook and all cause i do the r&b thing also. but, its such an inspirational type song for me but its also hard hitting. like, it touches me cuz when i make alot of these songs, i'm bein so for real with what i'm saying. i'm not just trying to make songs. but this is the way i express myself. seems like majority of my life, ppl told me i couldnt do something or talk down on me. back then, it used to take a toll on me and i would feel bad about the situations, but now, i'm advancing pass them same people that had something to say. i dont believe in karma but, God is GOOD!

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