Friday, October 3, 2008

Status Update

I'm not dead on making music! I promise! lol. I actually have so much going on right now. the [DEF] will be here sooner than you know. I'm actually starting to work on my next project. Way more than i realized goes into these ep's and mixtapes. More than just recording and finishing these tracks. But anyways, I got 2 free download things i'm working on. And they must be as dope as the DEF stuff. Might not be on the same tip as the DEF but i'll do what comes natural. Nada mean? So now, I'm back in the process of beat searching and concept building. Gotta see what I need to let people know this time around. But I'm so excited! I was doing some writing this week and I began to suprise myself. I'm just striving to get better and better. Cuz I might listen to someones stuff and think, "Damn! Thats ill! Why didnt i think of that?" I want people to feel the same about me. lol. I mean, i've heard it from some people before, but i needa hear it alot to know i'm on the right track...BUT! I needa have some jammas on these free downloads for yall. It might not be on no Twilight Zone type stuff tho. Its funny cuz after I wrote that, I thought to myself, how will i top that song? Then Keep in Touch and Fast Forward came along and I realized that I would be okay. So stay tuned for the DEFinition and the free download mixtapes I have coming...

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