Monday, June 2, 2008

A lil update...

So, I haven't spoken on how i feel about different people and the whole hip hop scene in awhile. Not even on myspace. So, I've been getting alot of positive feedback on my music. And for the people leaving me that love on myspace or youtube, I APPRECIATE YOU ALL! Seriously.

But, I've been seeing alot of people want to be a "rapper". It's getting a lil over concentrated. Na mean? To the point where its like, someone tells you they rap, and you don't even want to listen. But I got love and I show love. If you show me love, I have love to give back cause buried underneath the thousands of wack myspace, soundclick, spityogame, and imeem pages, there really are some good artists out there. One of my pet peeves is when people JUST rap on a track. Just spit. And they're not worried about the song as a whole. I'm a fan of any good music. I dont care if your yodeling on a track. As long as you're crashing it. Na mean? But I've been hearing some music where people have the same vibe on every track, same rhyming scheme, same subjects, no subjects...its wack to me. I mean, but everyone has to do what they do. Everyone has their opinions.

People think if you dont like they're music, you're hating. I dont think that's true. I'm like, if you don't like my music, you don't like it. I'm not going to say "You're just a hating ass b*tch!" lmao. It aint even like that. But I do take people's opinion and try to grow from it. Only thing is, I've hardly ever had negative comments on my music. I think I've had one person and they told me that I needed to rap more "southern". No thank you.

What else...I used to really dislike some of these club rappers and stuff saying they're killing hip hop and stuff but I realized, you really need that balance. You need that type of music to dance to and what not. I just rather not hear it sooooo much on the radio, that's all.

Well, I think that's it for now. I see this blog has run a lil long, so I'll spare you...

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