Monday, June 30, 2008

i dont wanna hear that NO MORE!!!

i'm fed up for real. a bunch of people out there talking about the south and how we killing hip hop and the industry. but when someone wants to do something other than the norm down here, we're told to sound more southern or that i'm too lyrical? what the hell? what you think the south is? we aint gettin no respect. that aint cool for real. i try to come with something new out here and as many of the supporters i got, i got haters too. i mean, the supporters outnumber the haters by alot but they dont hate on me per say most of the time. they speak out against what i represent. they tell me i should rap like i'm from the south...what does that mean exactly!?!?!? should i dumb down my lyrics. like, the southern stereotype is crazy. should i make that club anthem and just start doing club songs. that aint the only thing the south has to offer. we're diverse!!!! its just dumb ass people like the person that approached me that doesnt want to see that change. so when people say that the south has no substance or that we're killing hiphop, know that there are people out here trying to do something different but its not being accepted that easily


Tuesdai Noelle said...

No, don't change your style NOT only for the South...but for your own "peps" on your side either. Be you Do you...and do it completely. No GREAT leader EVER became GREAT by being a follower being like everyone else wanted their DESTINY to be. I see it like this; If you do something that's out of NORM or original that's NOT necessarily something that people are accustomed 2 or USE 2 by far, they're coming against, if you do the SAME "cliche" STUFF, as everyone else's only a matter of time----give it a while...they ain't gon be happy about some part of it, so that's what will cause them come against you, which will TRIP you out. That's why it's GOOD to know exactly WHO you are and Whos you are...inside out, that way NO one or body can change or take you away from your goal. Don't change it up...your style is FRESH/FLY the way it me, if you even give in the slightless you'll be sorry you did. Again Be you Do you. Peace :)

idana said...

people like you for what you're doing now, its really impressive to see a female handle that type of lyrical content than that usual sexed up club anthems. haters will always be haters, but theyre outnumbered like you mentioned. :]