Sunday, June 29, 2008


Mannnnn!!! So, I told yall how they did me with that underage bullish last time. But this time my bois Dj Select and Dj Sober got my ass in. lol. Man, them dudes is hella cool. I met up with them, Nature and Dayta. It was live as hell in there. Me and Sincere was feelin that ish. Them Dallas bois now how to hook it up on some hiphop ish. Not much of that out here. If you are in Houston and you're over 21 and didnt come, you're lame! lol. Nah, but I met up with my homies Jaz and Ace also, hella cool people. They on some real hiphop ish too. Thats always good in the H. Collabs coming soon....

Oh! Funny thing happened, somebody recognized me, I guess from myspace. That sh*t had me feeling good :) Dude was telling me that they were going to get in contact with me real soon. I was feeling that ish man. Overall, I had a GOOD TIME and I dont even be on that party scene too hard.

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