Saturday, February 14, 2009


i'm so critical of female rappers and its not because i'm hating or nothing but its for the fact that we dont get any respect anyways. it comes to the point that if you hear of a female rapper, why bother? its almost like they make it harder for the next chick to try. luckily for me, once people hear me, they usually hold on. (cockiness. lol)but if you're a chic coming out, you gotta be super hot! this ish was wack! hook was off beat. singing was off key. rap was lame. its like worldstar puts anything up nowadays.

oh yeah, and the best female spitter under 21 or over 21 is UZOY!!!! lol


Nate Space said...


Nate Space said...

*blood vessel* 0_<

lol I meant i'm not really impressed by her, I've got enough connects to launch a WSH vid yet i still rap like an amateur approach. but who am i to judge?

(And god knows I love female rappers, but yikes pencils!)

She's not representing the gravity of her unique situation well enough.(i.e, sex, race, age...)

(---for example take Uzoy, the young philosopheuse from Houston: given the same [equipment](lol)and therefore same pre-disposition as this Naive Nana from Newark character, Uzoy is much better suited to handle a well-rounded and more prosperous career in music-- should you decide to pursue the industry, that is.)

**Lets ask ourselves**

//Is this an example of an artist backed up by a team of yes-men?//

you tell me., i dont exactly have a fan base of more than like three ppl right now lol. so, i cant judge...

But when famous people suck i have every right to clown them because of the resources they have at their disposal to put into the work. She just has a bright smile and a dream to work with. now, i personally think i could rap circles around her, but whats the diff between she and I? I'm itching to get out of this small town and experience the world stage and deliver my gift upon the populous but i'm stationed here a few more years so i'll have to wait my turn. Until then, i'm working hard to ensure i don't produce that same garbage i dread hearing once the spotlight focuses upon my own thinning head lol. You only get one first impression right?