Thursday, February 19, 2009

Everybody Hates Chris...

i cant believe this nigga did this. shame!!! i dont know if he can bounce back from this because this incident just lost him alot of fans.


Nate Space said...

lolz @ "everybody hates chris".

Love that show.

(wait, look i'm sorry, i really didn't mean to open up with an lol)

But seriously, i've been trying not to say anything about this situation (@ work, on FB, blogs, etc) because it sparks a bunch of different thoughts in me.

(get comfy. i'm on the soapbox.)


1. I've never been a fan of Chris Brown. period. His music, eh, whatever... (But point is, people hated me for it, and now the bandwagon has a new designated driver?) Psshhhh... no thanks.

2. I really didn't like him, but i didn't see this coming, either! He's still a human being, who hurt another human being. (We're all just as capable, believe it or not) I would like to express condolences for the young couple with what they're going through & all, but it isn't really any of our it?

... which brings me to no. 3

3. Domestic violence happens everywhere, everyday. And when celebrities are publicly at fault, are we really supposed to just condemn them without regard??
I mean he lost a few endorsements, but did WE lose any money? Really, is it us who's gonna have to answer for his stupid mistakes? The answer is nope.

All i present here, is my own personal perspective on the matter. i'm sure i could come up with more things I see wrong with this situation; WSH/blogger coverage, the LAPD involvement, and the public eye forgetting that there's always two sides to the story.

None of us were there. All we have is photos and alleged witnesses. Blogs and videos. zeros and ones.
This is truly the cream that churns the butter of gossip. period.

"Aww, you're an asshole, Space."

...who me?

"Your music sucks anyway, bro."

...yeah, well...

"And you're a fag with all those bright ass colorful hoodies & shoes."

... okay cut it with the judg---

"yeah, she's a chick, bro."

...c'mon i'm just saying, don't continue to stone a nineteen-year old celebrity, for arguing with and striking a twenty-year old diva. ... (i said Diva , didn't I? damn.)
None of the parties involved were in their right minds; i'm almost certain that touring and the stress of their roles/burdens finally came out into the public light.

The perfect couple... just isn't.

..anonymous replies, don't bother. you identify yourselves when you step to me like the taxpaying citizen I am.

ummm...that's it. Thanks, Ms. Uzoy.


Heat Roc said...

bad part about it is she turns 21 today...

Nate Space said...

wow. 21? jeez.

...this material writes itself.

i've seen perhaps three different accounts of what happened, and all Chris Brown can say is the age old:

"I'm deeply saddened by what has transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mom, and loved ones..."

Everyone wants to run to God once they realize they aren't so invulnerable to the perils of society. Remember Dog the Bounty Hunter? Remember Don Imus? Ike Turner? ..tsk tsk.

Spaceman needs his rest ZzZZZzZzz.

nite nite