Friday, February 13, 2009

grrrrrrrrrrrrr. this irks my nerves!

i had to block who it was but i thought this wasnt cool at all. anybody who really checks with me has seen my myspace and you know that this is my background. but someone found it fit to use my stuff and call it there's. no respect is given with that type of stuff. if you want dope stuff for urself, drop some cash. dont be cheap. u'll get nowhere by jockin. then on the sides my name was erased. and i deliberately wanted that on the side because i didnt want anybody to steal my stuff, BUT it was still done. this was wack and this person lost cool points (if those are still distributed). points can be gained back if they take it off their blog. i already notified them. but this has me a lil pissed... i mean, i appreciate the support by having my song in the playlist but homie, dont jock! ugh!

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