Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top 5 Things You Can Say to me and Not Get a Response

A lot of people hit me up and it's a great thing. But when you are an artist trying to get somewhere or get something out of me, you gotta know how to speak. Articulate yourself in such a way that its not as obvious at least. Ket point: In a world of creative freedom....flattery can get you everywhere lol

So if you hit me up and I never responded, you might have said...

5. " I think our styles compliment. You should join my group" I dont wanna join you're group. I'm sorry. I don't want to feel like the best among a group of men. lol. Honestly when I collab and stuff, I want people to try or succeed at doing better than me on that track. Might sound crazy but I feel like that makes for a better song. And that's my aim.

4. "Can you check out my music and tell me what you think"
It that all you gotta say to me? Well have you checked my music out? No? Then why should I check yours?

3. "You sound good for a female rapper"
Is that intended to be a compliment? lol Cause that's obviously a no brainer. Being realistic...I'm better than a lot of these guys out here.

2. "Let's build"
Do you gotta make it so obvious? I mean, we can build without you saying lets build. I start feeling like you're tryna use me.

1. "I think we should do a track"
Of course you think we should if you haven't created any name for yourself. Come on. What will I gain from that collab? Nothing.