Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drake in Houston

I didnt go because I knew it would be wayyyyyyy too packed and I didnt feel like dealing with that. I'll just wait til I'm famous and can watch from backstage. lol I should have gone to that Wale show but i grew the same mentality for that one also. I'll catch em on a later day...

It's kind of sad...a nigga from Houston cant even make ppl from Houston get this hype. Not even close. Dude comes way from Toronto and shuts it down. HOUSTON NEEDS TO STEP IT UP!

and poor Drake didnt know the Houston rule of thumb...for anybody who is out there tryna show love to Houston. YOU CAN'T START MO CITY DON AND EXPECT THE CROWD TO STOP BEFORE ITS OVER. ITS LIKE JUMANJI. ONCE YOU START IT, YOU GOTTA FINISH THAT HO!

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