Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Price of Fame?

I've been thinking about this lately. As an artist, I want to share my music with the world and I want people to accept it and love it. But with all those hopes and dreams comes this type of nonsense and to tell you the truth, I dont like having that kind of attention. I really dont like to be the center of attention. I rather blend in while standing out. if that makes sense....but, if this is the path that I choose to take and i'm fortunate to be blessed to have my ability, i'll just have to take it all in stride.

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N8-Space said...

Man I used to think I was the only one who sat up at night thinking about this...

I mean, someday everyone will want my denim, my kicks, and my beats but will they want my thoughts and opinions... for good reasons? Or will they harass me because of the bald-headed blonde on my arm?

And i'd hate to be perceived as an asshole by the public but in today's world I imagine the paparazzi makes it difficult to remain calm under pressure.

Notice how the people gave him his space and whatnot? He is a force to be reckoned with in the public eye, and i'm not sure why people continue to poke and prod at KAnye, but i'm convinced it takes a lot of discipline to keep it moving when surrounded by cameras & fans.

hmmm... i'm not sure how i'd react in his position. The person I used to be might have been excited to be around that many people, but now i'm not so aroused by the thought of a mosh of flashing lights around me. (no pun intended)

Oh, and did anyone catch this?
"Kanye is there anything you'd like to say to TMZ?"

...*Kanye pauses and looks at us*

...and drops the butterfly doors.

wow. The media isn't very fun when they're swinging from your