Saturday, March 14, 2009


IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN! lol. Nah, but the show went great man. Real good turnout. The place was super packed. I had the chance to chop it up with Devin for a quick second. He was tryna get fresh. lol. he's real cool tho. He killed the show. But let me say, if you ever go to a Devin the Dude show, now that you will engulfed in weed smoke. lol. my eyes were burning all night from it and when i got off stage my throat was hurting from inhaling it all. lol. but apart from that, it was super dope!!!!! got pics that will be on the way soon...


Dezmond said...

Sweet! lol

Sounds like it was awesome...except for the weed.

N8-Space said...

Good stuff, Uzoy! A lil' second-hand won't kill ya... I hope not.

Glad you rocked it though.