Wednesday, November 4, 2009

up writing

so i know i keep saying the [DEF] is done and yall must be thinking well where is it then? sorry. i'm so picky. and its the worst with my own music. i keep listening to it and thinking: is this enough? i mean, it seems like i get nothing but good reviews but still... i wont let that hold me back or prolong it tho. it is definitely a solid project! i just want to evoke the best i can out of myself. so just as insider intel, i'll say that i have a few tracks on it over industry beats. i mean, its not usually my thing to do that. i'm more of a do it from scratch type but sometimes u just got to show that u can spit. particular one i'm working on now is such a hard beat! rediculous... and u never want to get done in by the beat or the person who did it before you. thats not a good look. so i just hope and pray yall will feel this and follow me... the wait will be worth it

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