Wednesday, October 14, 2009

new time table *uzoy update*

i've realized that i've been absent from the blogspot lately. i apologize first of all. life just taking its course is all. but i was talking to the homie L'davoice of H.I.S.D. briefly today and he told me what already knew but didnt take action on. I HAVE TO GET BETTER AT MY TIME MANAGEMENT! my education takes a big chunk out of my freetime but i can still fit things in here and there.

so now to take a step in the right direction, i have created for myself a list of dates for the [DEF]inition. but i will NOT put them out! lol. its not a great idea to put release dates out when ur doing things extra solo dolo. realistically i'm going to have to release my projects on my time. not the answer most people want or what i even want but that is my reality.

on a lighter note, seems like those that do hear my material are really feeling it! thank God! *big relieved sigh* been talkin to quite a few Houston folks out here. i'm on a journey to find believers! can only wonder how far i would be if i was doing the music thing full time.


guess i wont know that for now. just going to keep pushing new outlook on life

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