Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up Thinking...

recently, been alot of drama. for about a year or 2 now. i'm really not feeling all the negativity. and i gotta take some blame for it because i let it get as far as it is instead of letting people feel like they "won". i'm just not the type to let someone walk all over me or disrespect me. but sometimes you just have to be the mature party. i've decided that thats what i'll do from here on out. i've grown tired of the back and forth. no matter what i do, i have figured that it will never be over. well, i figure that if i dont entertain it, it shall cease. so now, let it be written. i'm focused on UZOY and UZOY alone. these other rappers/commentators are irrelevant on my trip to success. and others claim the same thing so we'll just see how true that is when they never get a response despite all the shots they throw.

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