Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charles Hamilton vs Soulja Boy

soulja boy, sit the f*ck down dude. seriously, you dont want it with a real artist! lol. soulja boy was making me laugh in this one tho. dont think people hate soulja boy, just the idea that record companies want the number of units sold that he generated. they might want you to go the "superman" route. but i cant be mad at charles for not wanting to be compared to soulja boy. who does? bogus! lol


The Huston's Hip Hop Blog said...

thats what i say about soulja boy i posted the same shit!!!

Shearson said...

These are the Dark Ages of Hip hop... seriously. That little pissant Soulja Boy gets to insult the creative genius of the future while america eats up the same old garbage?! Its a sick sad thing.

Fuck the mainstream that turns its back on us with real talent. Im through trying to please the idiots who cant tell the diff between lyricists and gimmicks. UZOy, lets take this world back to reality. ITs time. I'm sick of waiting.